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This is a list of a few Rails applications built with the example code and tutorials from the RailsApps Project.

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List of Applications

Website Keywords/Link Developer Based on Date submitted
sportvestors.com sportvestors.com @Sportvestors rails-prelaunch-signup 27 March 2013
coupconnect.com coupconnect.com @coupconnect rails-prelaunch-signup 26 March 2013
cryo.biocision.com cryo.biocision.com @glowingrectangles rails3-bootstrap-devise-cancan 9 Nov 2012
goodworksonearth.net Lexical Sequencers Kathy Onu rails-prelaunch-signup 5 Nov 2012
remindeals.com remindeals.com @remindeals rails-prelaunch-signup 12 June 2012
skrimp.ly Lyrics defined @mariozig rails3-devise-rspec-cucumber 05 October 2011
roomiesapp.com Makes living together easier @olivierlacan rails3-mongoid-omniauth 26 May 2011


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